Sunday Plans … Rack our Rye IPA

We pushed back our Racking Day from Friday to Today (Sunday) due to scheduling conflicts/ laziness/booze.  Racking gives us the ability to impart different flavors into the beer before the bottling stage.  For our Rye IPA we will be pumping up the hops. Lets say you wanted to do some sort of fruit wheat beer this is at what stage you would get that blueberry or watermelon flavor into the beer.

Racking is a simple process of taking your beer out of the primary fermentation bucket and putting it into a secondary fermentation carboy with your additional flavors.  Once we get the beer into the carboy we will be adding the remaining 2 oz. packages of our Amarillo Dry Leaf Hops.  We will then cap the carboy with our airlock and let it sit for 5 days. By next Friday (4/8/11) we will be bottling the beer and anxiously waiting up to 4 weeks to drink it. 

I think Patrick, Carla, and I will be heading out for a celebratory beer after our racking.  We’ll try to find a good bar to review while were out and put it up later this week.  Hope you guys didn’t drink too much this weekend.

– Craig

P.S. Got this photo from a beer blog I found today while looking for some racking pictures [Blog]… we’ll put up our pictures on racking some time this week

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